We create and manage newsletters as a service

About our Newsletter Service

We view our newsletter service as the mechanism by which you convert leads into paying customers.
This is done by writing high quality writers that educate the customer about your space and about the benefits of your product.
But we also believe in Gary Vee’s famous saying… "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.”
Which means…. give lots of useful/meaningful content to your audience. And then once in awhile go for that hook and try to sell them on something..

What is the process?

First we set up the content model

1. Content topics will be generated through a combination of client input, research and AI.
2. We then prioritise topics.
3. Chatgpt will then be used to create the initial draft of a newsletter, but human writers fix it up.
4. Pictures are added manually

Then we publish
1. Typically we use ConvertKit for this
2. We can agree on frequency of publishing and then schedule posts