“You can and probably sometimes will disagree…
but you’ll never fault me for not having an opinion.”

Tech Beast

Started in early 2022
Our views on tech trends in SEA
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So i’ve seen a lot of different models to this… and in my view the answer is clear. They should not report separately to the CEO but rather only one of them should report to the CEO. Now let me explain why...

Creator Beast

Started in 2023
How startups and the world of creators is colliding
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140m Youtube subscribers, MrBeast Burgers with 1700+ locations, Feastables chocolates in 40k+ stores... all at 24 yrs old. Now let me explain why...

Efficiency Beast

Started in 2023
How to perform like the top 1% of teams
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I see companies all the time talk all about their culture and how they support their culture. Generally when i see this stuff it makes me wanna barf. Now let me explain why...
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