We work with startups at all stages of funding
to get launched and get traction.

Our approach is to work hand-in-hand almost like co-founders.


Product studio

How it works:
  • We manage the product work for one large product or project using experienced product leaders.  Note that Ken oversees every project.
  • We charge a flat $5k/month for an unlimited amount of product work related to the product or project that is in scope.
  • Engineering, QA and design can either be hired via Upwork (we have a pool of folks we have vetted) for which we don’t charge any premium. Or we can use your team.
Ken’s Product experience includes:
  • SVP Product (Operations & Marketplace), Lazada 
  • Interim Head of Product for Operations & Marketplace, Ozon (top 2 ecom in Russia)
  • Head of Product & Data, Pomelo Fashion
  • Director of Product, Wayfair (top furniture ecom in US)

Video content creation

How it works:
  • We create videos (short form + long form) at very competitive rates using upwork vetted freelancers.
  • Typical rates are: ~$30 short form / $60 long form video.
Why choose us?
  • We are studying the algorithm and constantly improving, tailoring our strategy for the client. 
  • We use a highly automated process that stays aligned to your priorities as they evolve.
  • Example of our work: 200+ videos completed at


How it works:
  • We use our vetted Bubble developers and highly efficient Clickup system to create great prototypes fast and cheap.
Prototypes that we have built in the past include:
  • Stablebooks.co: Accounting app that is a bit like Fincent (built MVP in 6 weeks for $15k)
  • Picnik.app: Networking app that is a bit like lunchclub (built MVP in 3 weeks for $3k)


How it works:
  • This service will typically improve productivity of your team by 2x or more
  • We use our method of implementing Clickup in your team that will radically improve transparency & communication.
  • Imagine knowing what everyone in your company is doing all the time and knowing when they will finish.
  • We set up the system and maintain it for $2000/month and you can take over at any time.
Examples of Clockwork implementation:
  • 20+ creators creating 50+ pieces of content per week with full transparency with minimal intervention
  • A tech organisation that moved from Trello to our method and improved efficiency & transparency by 100%+

Client Projects

Project: Tech replatforming

Client: Wasoko (Africa)

Year: 2021/2

My Role: Project lead

  • Analyzed existing tech stack which was built in-house and aligned key stakeholders on moving to 3rd party systems
  • Led selection process of delivery system (Loginext), WMS (Pulpo), eCommerce front end (Magento), and connector platform (Boomi)
  • Led implementation of initial country go-live
Project: B2B site creation based on Magento
Client: Shipper (Indoneisa)
Year: 2022

My Role: Led non-China dev team
  • Creation of Magento Commerce Cloud B2B site with 20k+ products
  • Set up Clickup processes to prioritise and work on biz requirements
Project: Branded (Paris)

Year: 2021

My Role: Led Netsuite implementation

  • Vendor selection
  • Connector platform selection (Celigo)
  • Implementation lead
Project: Online marketplace launch

Client: Ozon

Year: 2018
My Role: Head of Product for Ops & Marketplace (contract)
  • Led product team on launch of marketplace platform
  • Led product team on ops revamp (including overhaul of own wms)
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